PostHeaderIcon Learning By Taking Advice

What is learning by taking advice?

This is a simple form of learning. Suppose a programmer writes a set of instructions to instruct the computer what to do, the programmer is a teacher and the computer is a student. Once learned (i.e. programmed), the system will be in a position to do new things.

The advice may come from many sources: human experts, internet to name a few. This type of learning requires more inference than rote learning. The knowledge must be transformed into an operational form before stored in the knowledge base. Moreover the reliability of the source of knowledge should be considered.

The system should ensure that the new knowledge is conflicting with the existing knowledge. FOO (First Operational Operationaliser), for example, is a learning system which is used to learn the game of Hearts. It converts the advice which is in the form of principles, problems, and methods into effective executable (LISP) procedures (or knowledge). Now this knowledge is ready to use.

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