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PostHeaderIcon What is Knowledge?

Knowledge is the body of facts and principles. Knowledge can be language, concepts, procedures, rules, ideas, abstractions,places,customs, and so on. study of knowledge is called Epistemology.

Types of knowledge

The types of knowledge include procedural knowledge, declarative knowledge and heuristic knowledge.

Procedural knowledge

Procedural knowledge is compiled or processed form of information. Procedural knowledge is related to the performance of some task. For example, sequence of steps to solve a problem is procedural knowledge.

Declarative knowledge

Declarative knowledge is passive knowledge in the form of statements of facts about the world. For example, mark statement of a student is declarative knowledge.

Heuristic knowledge

Heuristics knowledge are rules of thumb or tricks. Heuristic knowledge is used to make judgments and also to simplify solution of problems. It is acquired through experience. An expert uses his knowledge that he has gathered due to his experience and learning.

Importance of knowledge

Intelligence requires knowledge. That is, to exhibit intelligence, knowledge is required. Knowledge plays a major role in building intelligent systems.

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