PostHeaderIcon Definition of intelligence

Ray Kurzweil, the computer sceintist, defined intelligence as “set of skills that allows humans

to solve problem with limited resources.” The skills expected from an intelligent person are

learning, abstract thought, planning, imagination, and creativity. This list covers the most

important aspects of human intelligence.

PostHeaderIcon Resolution In Predicate Logic

Algorithm: Resolution In Predicate Logic

1. Convert all the statements of F to clause form
2. Negate P and convert the result to clause form. Add it to the set of clauses obtained in step 1.

PostHeaderIcon Resolution In Propositional Logic

In propositional logic, the procedure for producing a proof by resolution of proposition P with respect to a set of axioms F is the following.
Algorithm: Propositional Resolution

PostHeaderIcon Steps to Create an Expert System

The process of creation of an expert system requires careful planning. It is common to acquire an expert systems tool, i.e., shell, instead of developing the inference engine from the scratch. The steps involved in the creation of expert system are listed below.

PostHeaderIcon What is Knowledge?

Knowledge is the body of facts and principles. Knowledge can be language, concepts, procedures, rules, ideas, abstractions,places,customs, and so on. study of knowledge is called Epistemology.